Charles Evans Jr.

“A Writer’s Journey”

I am a long-time follower of Sue Grafton, Lee Childs, Patricia Cornwell, Stuart Woods, John Grisham, Laura Hillenbrand, David Baldacci, and, “The Master” - Ernest Hemingway.

While I have always loved reading, I came to writing via a long and circuitous route.

After a thirty-eight year career in urban mixed-use development I entered the political world of State Government. After four years with the Administration of Maryland’s 60th Governor, Bob Ehrlich, both as a Senior Member of the his Campaign Team and Policy Director, as well an Assistant Secretary in Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources, I realized I had, within me, stories to tell.

When I started down this literary road to study the art of writing and to ultimately produce a novel, I had no idea of the time and level of commitment it would take. It is a lonely and bumpy road that a writer travels to reach “THE END”.

All I can say is that three years ago when I started to write “Terror on the Bay” I promised myself that the objective was to write it, not necessarily to publish it.

It was the journey of writing and the creative process that brought me joy - a very special joy that only writers can understand.

So, today I’m pursuing my writing career with gusto and dedication.  I may never become known as a “successful commercial writer”, but I am, and will continue to be, a writer who is committed to telling stories that are a joy to research, a joy to write, and a joy to share.

Sure I’d like to be the recipient of hefty royalties, but those who write solely for that reason will never experience writing purely for the love of it. The opportunity to share one’s stories with those who seek a break in their daily lives and to be “whisked-away” into another world - A world they could never experience were it not for the book they were reading, is a privilege.

To those who may read my books, I say - “Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day.”